Saturday, November 9, 2013

children how caffeine affects them soft drinks

Caffeine consumption in children is increasing. Soft drinks are the products that contain more popular , but unfortunately also involve other problems.

The effect of caffeine on children have many theories. In general , the tendency is to accept that affects them in a way similar to the parents. I mean , caffeine is a stimulant spam: children feel more nervous , have difficulty sleeping, increased blood pressure and in many cases can give you headaches , concentration problems .

Other problems associated with caffeine in children

Caffeine and soda , taken in excess, can cause health problems for children. These small " addiction " to certain drinks such as cola drinks make caffeine promote the emergence of other problems :

    Childhood obesity: the high sugar content consumed by children .
    Poor nutrition : for esl nutritional value of these products is very low .
    Dehydration : Caffeine is a diuretic and promotes dehydration of the child.
    Poor fluid intake : children take sodas will mean healthier beverages replaced .

Controlling your caffeine intake in children

At home in the child's day , as parents we must strive to be something special refreshments and celebration. That is not necessary that are prohibited , but should not be an element permanently present at home.

We must prevent children ( and family ) take refreshments in daily meals or snacks. We can replace them with juice, water , milk, yoghurt drinks , smoothies .